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Orphanage and shopping

It has been another whirlwind of a day!  Our morning ministry was going to an orphanage (Casa Hogar Alto Refugio) in Puebla.  We were all impressed with the facilities but even more with the children.  We spent time playing soccer, coloring, playing basketball, doing nails, braiding hair, etc.  Rachelle gave her testimony and the Gospel was presented.  The young members on the team were able to quickly relate to the orphans and we were playing with them in no time. 

After lunch we went shopping in the old part of town.  We had a good time haggling and seeing the local wares.  Then we went the big cathedral (Cathedral De Puebla).  In this enormous church the central statue was of Mary wearing a crown.  To the side of her statue was Jesus, laying in a casket, still dead.  How easy it is to displace Christ even if we claim to believe in Him.  Praise God He is alive and He is the king of kings.  We look forward to seeing you all soon!  Tomorrow we head home!

Thankful for God's Grace,

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God's Plan Is So Much Sweeter

(This is the entry for Friday - we experienced technical difficulties last night)

The day started at 4:30am dropping Nick at the airport for his trip home.  At 7:00 the group departed for a day of service with Living Waters Ministry.  Our first stop was at an OXXO (like 7 eleven) for pre-packaged pastries and drinks for breakfast.  We then took a two hour ride traveling from the very metropolitan Puebla to the very remote village of San Nicolas.  We were scheduled to deliver a puppet show on hygiene and then travel on to a second village to pour a concrete pad for a sistern.  

The puppet actors were very nervous because the performance was all in Spanish and we never had time to do a complete run through.  However, we were told it went well.  After the presentation Mike shared his testimony with the children.   As we were packing up we noticed a man from the village waiting to speak with us.  Pastor Brett and Kevin went over to the man, Honorio, and he shared the following story: 

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Soccer Smackdown

Today was a great day for progress. After devotions and breakfast this morning, we got right to work.

First, we finished the trimmings that we had started on last night, for the desks . After that, we sanded the desks down and put them on a tarp to stain. We hit a couple of snags on this step.

The first thing we realized was that there weren't enough supplies to stain the desks.  We made another trip to the store to get some more gloves, paint brushes, and cans of stain (we quickly realized that we were going through about one can per desk).

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The Big Picture


Good evening everyone from Puebla.  We want to say thank you for the continued prayers. We are feeling God and spirits are high.

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Warped Wood Woes

Hello all who are supporting us!  Thank you so much for your prayers!  We can sense the Lord's leading and we know your prayers are being answered.  

It seems a lot has happenned today so I'll tell you about it from the start.  This morning we, Kevin (Our missionary guide) and I, left breakfast early to go exchange some money and buy some desperately needed wood to start putting together the desks today.  We first went to the bank and they were closed, even though it was supposed to be open at 8:30.  We showed up at 8:40.  Knowing we could be waiting a long time, we left to get the wood.  We got kind of lost because there are a few left hand turns and so many one-way streets!  Long story short, we got back 2 hours after we left, with no money and only part of the wood we needed.  The team is really learning the truth behind the title "Flexico".  We didn't actually get started until after lunch at 2:00 PM.  Our day seemed wasted, but in the afternoon, we pulled together and worked until 7:00PM.  I am happy to say that we built all 10 desk units, and tommorrow will put on the trim and base boards.  We all feel good about our end even though it was a rough beginning.

Warped wood: All day long we worked with massively warped wood.  But with some beating and banging, we got them to submit to our wills.  Though some of us are paying the price for it tonight.

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We have arrived

Greetings from Mexico!  The team arrived safe and sound in Mexico yeasterday.  We had a good traveling day and everything went as planned.  Getting through customs took a lot of time but some in our group are line saavy and so it wasn't too bad.  After we got to the airport our contact missionary, Kevin Bult, was there waiting for us.  He helped us get out tickets for the bus and some well needed tacos for the road.  After we arrived last night we went out for some excellent Mexican food, which we found out is in abundance here!  I am not sure what we would do without Kevin, even basic things are hard when you don't speak much Spanish.  But we are doing our best to butcher this excellent language.

Everyone is adjusting well to the new environment.  No one is sick, thank you Lord, and today everyone seems ready to get going on our project.  This morning the wood is being cut, on a nice basketball court built by the last missions team.   I hear the students are looking forward to whipping us at soccer and I believe they have reason to feel confident.  

Thank you for your prayers.  Please prayer for continued strength and unity.  Also pray that we become closer to Christ as we walk in faith here.  We are so thankful to be here and feel that you are all with us as supporters.  Lastly, please send as many toilet seats as you can on overnight mail!  Just kidding, were figuring this problem out ok.  Keep checking here for more updates.  This picture was taken today with more pictures to come.

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What has happenned since January...

In the month of February we put on a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser.  It was well attended and we raised a lot of funds.  We also showed the movie "Courageous".  It was well received and has a great message about men stepping up as leaders in their families. 

Last weekend I was glad to announce that we have received full funding for our trip!  What a blessing to now know that we can all go.  Now we are focusing on preparing the specifics for the trip like what we are bringing and our itinerary.  Please pray for this time of preperation as we get closer to our departure date.

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January Meeting

Our team met this month and decided to postpone the Spaghetti Dinner until Feb. 18th.  This will give us more time for preperation and promotion.  We also decided to show the movie "Courageous".  Mike Richmond made a bell that will be up for a raffle.  Hopefully this will be a good fundraiser as well as a good time to increase prayer support for the trip.

Michael Kern has been added to the group which brings our number to 11.  We looked at some pictures of the desks we will be building.  They are like cubicle desks that you might see in a library.  This type of desk should be easier for our groups to make.  Please pray for our support to come in and for us to have faith in the Lord's provision.  We are excited about what He will teach us about Himself through this process!

By His Grace, Pastor Brett

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Making Plans

Greetings!  Our team met a few weeks ago and as you can see from the picture we are getting more excited.  We planned a spaghetti dinner fundraiser Saturday, January 21st.  We will be selling tickets soon if you are interested in purchasing one.  Our prayer letters will be coming out soon and they will be posted on the bulletin board.  Also the Hams are available to be hired for work.  They have been doing some yard cleaning so if you need those pesky leaves to "go away"  you may want to give them a call.

I should mention that one person is missing from our picture, Mike Richmond.  He had to be gone from our meeting but is going on the trip.  Please pray for us as we are now applying for our passports and sending out letters.  Pray for faith to trust the Lord to provide for us to go.  It is exciting to think about what He will do as we see this preliminary preparation as part of the mission.  Thanks for your support.

Pastor Brett

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