Pleasant Home Community Church



   Beginning on Sunday, September 20th, we will be holding our worship service inside the church building with the following modifications:
  1. We will have two identical morning services (9:00-10:15 & 10:45-12:00) to create more room during each service for people to comfortably meet inside. We ask that people choose one of the two services to attend.
  2. Hand sanitizer stations have been conveniently located near bathrooms and exits throughout the church for ease of use to help cut down on the spread of germs. Likewise, masks will be available at the front entrance for those who would like to wear one.
  3. Children’s church and nursery will be in full force both services so long as we can find able, qualified people to serve. If you would be interested in serving in either of these and are not currently on the roster to do so, please email the office so we can see that you get plugged in. We will need more people to be available to serve because of the extra service as well as some people who have removed themselves from serving during this season.
  4. We will continue to record the service and post it to our YouTube channel for those who cannot attend. We will also continue to transmit the services live on the FM channel 107.3.
  5. In addition to these options, we will begin making the services available on Facebook live, so those at home can participate in the service as it is happening.
  6. Lastly, we ask that any person who is having symptoms of sickness or has knowingly been exposed to someone with COVID-19 please stay home for the appropriate amount of time before returning to corporate worship.
We will need to continue to show extra grace toward one another as we transition back inside and adjust to each other’s level of comfortability. Please don’t feel ashamed to express your expectations (example, no hugs or shaking hands) clearly and gently with others around you. At the same time, please give people grace to express those things without being offended. We have a wonderful opportunity to show grace and demonstrate the love of Christ during this season.
If you have questions about how or why the elders have come to these conclusions we invite you to reach out to any one of us. We would also direct you to this helpful statement that might answer some of those questions preemptively;
As always, thank you for loving our Savior as we seek to serve Him together!
In Christ,
The Elders of Pleasant Home Community Church
Pastor Mike
Jason Mills
David Salseth
Jason Evans



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